Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clickbank Affiliate Guidelines

Clickbank is a popular, dependable affiliate network. It is recognized as an excellent site to generate an income as an affiliate. The marketing tools and service they offer are excellent and the fees are very affordable. Affiliates just starting out are urged to become a member of Clickbank to begin their business.

Clickbank transacts business with digital products which are downloadable on the internet. There is no necessity of any physical delivery. You can select any product from a collection of available products to market, after you register with Clickbank as an affiliate. You may choose from over ten thousand products offered.

The amount of commission paid by the merchants on Clickbank is generally very substantial and affiliates can earn 50% on each sale of a product. There are thousand of affiliates generating an income on a consistent basis after becoming a member of Clickbank. If you want your affiliate marketing business to be a success, do not delay in becoming a member of Clickbank.

The following are some useful guidelines and tips while operating with Clickbank.

Marketing Your Products in Forums

Seek out at least three forums, with a high page ranking, that relate to your affiliate product. You then register on these forums and start posting in the forum where maximum people are participating. Put up your inquiries there, or respond to questions of other members. You should not promote your product in the body of your posts. You are permitted to place your signature at the end of your post. That is where you are allowed to post your name, website link and your affiliate product’s link.

You may generate some traffic to your website from these forums if you become an active member of the forums. When your website is receiving hits from a high rank website, then the page rank of your website is also increased. You really benefit in a few ways. One will be the increase in traffic, and secondly, higher page ranking. In due course this will produce more sales of the products you are marketing.

Marketing Your Products in E-mails

Presently, most people use email to connect with other people. The email you send could be private, related to studies, or perhaps business related, etc. You are permitted to write your signature at the end of the body of your email. It is important to keep in mind this signature. Remember to include your affiliate link with your name at the conclusion of your email. You will be advertising your affiliate link with each email you send. If you send 150 emails each day, there are 150 people coming across your affiliate link on a daily basis.

It is important to increase your contact list. Utilize as many techniques as possible to collect email addresses of new people. Post on forums, go on chat forums, etc. to introduce yourself to new people. Your email list should include a minimum of a couple of hundred potential customers. NEVER spam. Only send emails to people who know of you or your products, and have shown an interest in receiving more information about your business or product you are promoting. If you do not follow this advice your email will be blocked and you will lose your contacts. Try to create interesting emails to attract the contact’s attention.

Marketing Your Products on a Website

The majority of affiliates of Clickbank have their own website to market their products. It is advisable to upload your own website. It is also important that your website relate to the products you are marketing. As an example, if you are marketing a headache remedy product, your website’s subject matter should correspond with this theme. Develop a fresh and uncomplicated website. Be sure to include your affiliate links in every page of your website. Do not put unsightly banners to promote your products. It is better to utilize two or three lines of text links to market your Clickbank products.

Wrapping Up...

Clickbank is a widely accepted affiliate network of digital products. It is adviseable to begin your affiliate marketing business with Clickbank to quickly build a profitable affiliate marketing business. To enhance your business, make an effort to post on forums, send emails, and create a good website to market your Clickbank products. Keep in mind Clickbank fees are quite affordable and present a greater variety of products to select from.

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